Corporate Structure

Introduction to the holding company
Overseas Chinese Town (Asia) Holdings Limited

OCT (Asia) Holdings Limited ("OCT (Asia)") (stock code: 03366.HK) was established on February 28, 2005 and is the only overseas listing platform of OCT Group. It was in Hong Kong on November 2, 2005. The main board of the Stock Exchange is listed. The company has been involved in comprehensive development since 2007 and has accelerated its transformation in 2010. The scale of integrated development has grown rapidly. At present, OCT (Asia) participates in the Shanghai Suhewan Project, Chengdu Overseas Chinese Town, OCT Chang'an International Center, Chongqing Overseas Chinese Town Land, Beijing Yuyuan, Xi'an 108 Square and many other distinctive and widely acclaimed comprehensive development projects.

Yunnan Overseas Chinese Town Industrial Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Overseas Chinese Town Industrial Co., Ltd. will adhere to the advanced concepts of “Calculation is wealth” and “Environment is Advantage” of OCT Group. Based on the numerous tourist attractions around it, the tourism project and theme community will be carried out according to the principle of “ecological priority, tourism first”. System Development. Yunnan OCT tourism projects mainly include the Yunnan-Vietnam railway theme tourism, eco-tourism town, sports park, international conference center, top hot spring spa, hot spring water park, ecological wetland and forest leisure park. OCT is determined to build this project into a tourism A high-standard international tourist resort that combines sightseeing, entertainment and vacation. Yunnan Overseas Chinese Town will be based in Kunming, serve Yunnan, radiate Southeast Asia, and strive to become the representative of the second venture of Yunnan tourism, leading the transformation of tourism industry from Kunming to Yunnan from sightseeing to leisure. The project will fully reflect the breakthrough of OCT's ecotourism in the field of tourism development, the breakthrough from the city center to the countryside, and the breakthrough from sightseeing to leisure and vacation, highlighting the wisdom of OCT in innovation and development.

Overseas Chinese Town Hotel Co., Ltd.

As the first platinum five-star hotel in Shenzhen, OCT Hotel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “OCT City Hotel”) actively innovates the design concept, by retaining its predecessor, Shenzhen Bay Hotel, a brown with historical significance and condensed years of vicissitudes. The façade, the romantic citrine main wall that blends the entire building, forms the hotel's unique Spanish-inspired look. At the same time, the hotel also hired the world's leading hotel management company - InterContinental Hotels Group to manage and use its top brand "Intercontinental". OCT City Hotel relies on high starting point construction, with innovative design, top management and theme culture business philosophy as the core competitiveness of the company. As another innovative masterpiece representing the development of high-end hotel products in Shenzhen and even the whole country, it will give birth to the development level of the hotel industry. Pushed to a whole new height.

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